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Demands and requirements are increasing for intuitive and fast interface solutions in the market in order to create reliable quality devices and services based on higher productivity and higher efficiency. From the commercial to the industrial applications used for personal entertaining, education, retails, transportations, medical, gaming, banking, military, grid, automotive, surveillance and many other areas, the cutting-edge technologies are asked for commanding and running devices by stable human-to-machine interface or machine-to-machine interface solutions more and more.

◎ Human-Machine Interface ;
  Needed to be as simple and easy as for user to operate by intuitive interface to prevent from any kind of mal-operation. Many touch technologies as like resistive, capacitive, IR and others are revealing to the market and keeping in upgrading the quality of our life rapidly more higher and more wider.

◎ Machine-Machine Interface ;
  Needed to be translating as safe as for reader to get accurate data on fastest speed along the machines. Many different types of wireless technologies are building up and initiating more development and infrastructures and making people’s life style more simple and convenient.